Land Plans: 8-9-10-11 Arlington and 2-4 Marlborough

Plan of land sold by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on December 9, 1858 (Suffolk County Deed Registry, Book 749, p. 56).

This plan shows the original lots at the southwest corner of Arlington and Marlborough.

Suffolk County Deed Registry, Book 749, p. 56

Deming Jarves, Oliver Brewster, William Eaton, and John Homans each acquired lots with 22-1/2 foot frontages on Arlington, extending 85 feet to the west. They also each acquired lots with 25 foot frontages on Marlborough, to the west of their lots on Arlington.

The lots subsequently changed hands and were subdivided and re-combined into the lots on which 8-9-10-11 Arlington and 2-4 Marlborough were built. The lot furthest to the west, originally owned by John Homans, was combined with a 40 foot wide lot to its west (not shown on the plan), and then subdivided into 6 Marlborough (43 feet wide) and 8 Marlborough (22 feet wide).

The plan indicates with a dotted line the four foot wide passageway at the rear of 9-10-11 Arlington, running parallel with Arlington, to provide access to the alley for all four houses.