BBH - Comm Ave Mall - Panorama

Boston’s Back Bay is a miracle of preservation. It is one of the largest examples of intact Victorian and Edwardian residential architecture in the United States. Built as one of Boston’s premier neighborhoods, it fell into decline for many years, but was saved by a combination of dedicated residents, architectural preservationists, and good luck.  Today, its architecture is protected by law and the vigilant oversight of the Back Bay Architectural Commission.

A great deal has been written on the history of the Back Bay and the architecture of the houses.  A number of outstanding resources exist and more information is being added all the time through the work of historians, preservationists, and others.

Many people, and especially those who live in the Back Bay, are interested in the personal histories of the houses – who lived in them and how they were used over the decades.  This website is designed to provide at least an entrée to that information.  In essence, it attempts to provide what might be called a genealogical history of the houses.

Like all genealogies, this information is not complete.  It should be considered as a first step, a guide to help those interested in a particular house know who its residents have been and how it has been occupied.  Further research will provide more details and corrections to this information (which the author welcomes and would appreciate receiving).