Architectural Plans: 130 Commonwealth – Remodeling (1909)

In 1909, architect Otto Strack prepared plans for remodeling 130 Commonwealth for Augustus F. Goodwin and his wife, Frances (Thorley) Goodwin. The plans are dated January 1909, and were stamped by the Building Department on February 4, 1909.

The remodeling included rebuilding the front façade in a Beaux Arts design, eliminating the bay to the east of the former entrance, and centering the entrance on the façade. Significant interior remodeling to adjust the floor levels and modify the room arrangements also occurred.

The following scans are of the front elevation, longitudinal section, floor plans, and chimney plan. They are from copies made in the 1990s for The Gleason Partnership from the originals in the City of Boston Blueprints Collection, located at that time in the Boston Public Library’s Arts Department.  The collection was relocated to the Boston City Archives in 2019.  These scans are provided courtesy of The Gleason Partnership, the Boston Public Library, and the Boston City Archives.

130 Commonwealth, front elevation (1909)

130 Commonwealth, longitudinal section (1909)

130 Commonwealth, first floor plan (1909)

130 Commonwealth, second floor plan (1909)

130 Commonwealth, third floor plan (1909)

130 Commonwealth, fourth floor plan (1909)

130 Commonwealth, basement plan (1909)

130 Commonwealth, cellar plan (1909)

130 Commonwealth, chimney plan (1909)