Architectural Plans: 347 Commonwealth – Remodeling (1912)

In May of 1912, architect G. Henri Desmond was retained by Israel Ratshesky to design the remodeling of  347 Commonwealth, which the Ratsheskys had acquired in January of that year.

Comm 347 - Rear Elevation (1912) - BPL - Blueprint - BW

Comm 347 - Front Elevation (1912) - BPL - Blueprint - BW

The exterior work was limited to the addition or replacement of iron work and windows.  The changes are shown on the drawings of the front and rear elevations, to the right .

The interior remodeling was extensive, and included reconfiguring rooms, installing new bathrooms, and making other alterations. For example, a comparison of the second floor plan with the original floor plan filed with the final building inspection report shows that the two rooms at the rear, originally a chamber and den, were combined into a library running the entire width of the building.

The remodeling also may have included the installation of electric lighting for the first time.  The plans for the fourth floor note that there are both combination gas and electric fixtures and all-electric fixtures.

The originals of the blueprints are located in the City of Boston Blueprints Collection in the Boston City Archives (reference BIN A-29). These scans are provided courtesy of the Boston Public Library Arts Department and the Boston City Archives.

Comm 347 - Basement Floor Plan (1912) - BPL - Blueprint - BW Comm 347 - First Floor Plan (1912) - BPL - Blueprint - BW Comm 347 - Second Floor Plan (1912) - BPL - Blueprint - BW Comm 347 - Third Floor Plan (1912) - BPL - Blueprint - BW Comm 347 - Fourth Floor Plan (1912) - BPL - Blueprint - BW