Architectural Plans: 392 Beacon (ca. 1902-1908)

Sometime between 1902 and 1908, James Ford Rhodes had 392 Beacon remodeled to add a rear bay on the eastern side at the basement and first story levels, and to significantly renovate the interior on all levels. A permit application for the work has not, as yet, been located. However, the period during which it was done can be established by reference to the 1902 Bromley map, on which the new bay does not appear, and the 1908 Bromley map, on which it does appear.

1902 and 1908 Bromley maps, showing rear addition sometime after 1902

The remodeling was designed by architects Peabody and Stearns. Undated plans for the remodeling are included in the Peabody and Stearns Collection in the Boston Public Library’s Arts Department (reference PS/MA.067A). The drawings include floor plans for the basement, first, second, third, and fourth (attic) floors, and details for changes to the dining room, library, and parlor.

These images, provided courtesy of the Boston Public Library, include all eight drawings. The plans are fragile and in poor condition, and these images have been gently enhanced to reduce the stains and tears where possible. The basement plan is in especially poor condition but has been enhanced to be at least partially legible.

392 Beacon, basement floor plan

392 Beacon, first floor plan

392 Beacon, second floor plan

392 Beacon, third floor plan

392 Beacon, fourth (attic) floor plan

392 Beacon, plan for remodeling dining room

392 Beacon, plan for remodeling library

392 Beacon, plan for remodeling parlor