Architectural Plans: 63 Marlborough– Remodeling (1917)

Architectural rendering of remodeled front facade (ca. 1917) by Lois L. Howe and Manning, architects; courtesy of the Boston Public Library Arts Department and Janet Hurwitz, architect

In mid-1917, architects Lois L. Howe and Manning prepared plans for remodeling 63 Marlborough for Rudolph and Sylvia Weld.

The plans included relocating the entrance to the street level, adding an oriel window on the second floor, and remodeling much of the interior.

The originals of the blueprints are in the City of Boston Blueprints Collection in the Boston City Archives (reference BIN G-8). In addition to the plans shown below, the drawings also include plans for the sub-cellar and front yard.

These scans of the plans are provided courtesy of the Boston Public Library Arts Department, the Boston City Archives, and Janet Hurwitz, architect.


Marl 063 - 1917 Remodeling - Basement

Marl 063 - 1917 Remodeling - 1

Marl 063 - 1917 Remodeling - 2

Marl 063 - 1917 Remodeling - 3

Marl 063 - 1917 Remodeling - 4