Architectural Plans: 88 Commonwealth (1881)

88 Commonwealth was designed by Peabody and Stearns, architects, and built in 1881-1882.

Plans for house are included in the Peabody and Stearns Collection in the Boston Public Library’s Arts Department (reference PS/MA.089).

Several of the drawings include notations referring to a September 10, 1881, contract with the firms and individuals who built the house, including Norcross Brothers (builders), McNeil Brothers (carpenters), Woodbury & Leighton (masons), Page & Littlefield (stair builders), Charles H. Bell (painter and decorator), A. Parker (probably Artemas Parker, stone contractor), John Farquahar’s Sons (slaters), Thomas H. Duggan (plumber), L. M. Ham & Co., (blacksmiths and machinists), and Samuel D. Hicks & Son, (coppersmiths) [descriptions of businesses or trades are from the 1881 and 1882 Boston City Directories].

The plans include six drawings: front elevation, rear elevation, basement and roof plan, first and second floor plan, third and fourth floor plan, and a section drawing of the first floor detailing the paneling and stairs.

These images, provided courtesy of the Boston Public Library, include all six drawings. The original plans are fragile, faint, and in poor condition, and these images have been gently manipulated to reduce the stains and tears where possible.

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88 Commonwealth front elevation, Peabody and Stearns (1881)

88 Commonwealth rear elevation, Peabody and Stearns (1881)

88 Commonwealth, basement and roof plans, Peabody and Stearns (1881)

88 Commonwealth, second and third floor plans, Peabody and Stearns (1881)

88 Commonwealth, third and fourth floor plans, Peabody and Stearns (1881)

88 Commonwealth, section of first floor showing stairs and paneling, Peabody and Stearns (1881).