Funk and Wilcox

Funk and Wilcox was formed by George C. Funk and Frederic S. Wilcox in about 1910, the successor to Freeman, Funk, and Williams formed after Harry S. Freeman withdrew and opened his own office in Brookline.  It was later called Funk, Wilcox and Company and the Funk and Wilcox Company, and continued until about 1939.  The firm’s name is occasionally misread as Frank and Wilcox.

Funk and Wilcox were primarily known for designing apartment houses and commercial dwellings. They designed the Boston Arena (1910) on St. Botolph and a number of theaters, including (in 1918) the Strand Theatre at Upham’s Corner, which Douglass Shand-Tucci (in Built in Boston) indicates was “probably the city’s first movie palace built from the ground up as opposed to a remodeling.”

Back Bay Work

1924 311 Commonwealth