Howe, Manning, and Almy

Howe, Manning, and Almy was a partnership of Lois Lilley Howe, Eleanor Manning, and Mary Almy, formed in 1926. It was he successor to the firm of Lois L. Howe and Manning (formed in 1913). Mary Almy had been a draftsman in the firm before becoming a partner.

Lois Manning was primarily responsible for design, Eleanor Manning for technical architectural work and design problems, and Mary Almy for the business aspects of the firm.

Howe, Manning, and Almy continued until 1937 when Lois Howe retired, and Eleanor Manning and Mary Almy established separate offices.

The firm focused on residential work. Tbey were interested in urban housing problems and worked with the Architects’ Small House Service Bureau of Massachusetts. They created designs for small houses for the US Department of Interior’s Susbsistence Homestead Communities program, and remodeled apartments for the Lynn Slum Clearance Project.
Back Bay Work

1928 3 Exeter (Remodeling)