Index to Deeds: 105 Marlborough

The following is an index to property transfer deeds and party wall agreements recorded at the Suffolk County Deed Registry from the original land purchase until conversion of the building into condominiums.  Mortgages, trust agreements, and other similar recorded documents are not included.  This index is intended as a guide only; actual deeds should be reviewed for details.

Transfers of Land and Buildings
Date of Deed Grantor Grantee Book Page
14Jan1983 A. S. B. Limited 105 Marlborough Street Condominium 10199 116
30Jun1982 Donald M. Allen A. S. B. Limited 9984 22
02Sep1977 Herbert Friedman and Harriet Friedman, husband and wife Donald M. Allen 8982 261
08Aug1975 Sallie A. Brooks Herbert Friedman and Harriet K. Friedman, husband and wife 8806 440
18Dec1968 Norma A. Moreno Sallie A. Brooks 8251 236
18Dec1968 Mary Brooks School Incorporated Norma A. Moreno 8251 234
16Sep1937 Suffolk Savings Bank for Seamen and Others Mary Brooks School Incorporated 5687 374
29Jun1937 The Lee School, Inc. (foreclosure of mortgage on 105-107 Marlborough) Suffolk Savings Bank for Seamen and Others 5675 576
03Sep1926 (recorded 14Sep1926) Frances Lee The Lee School, Inc. 4833 170
08Sep1926 (recorded 14Sep1926) Emily E. Jeffries Frances Lee 4833 169
19Dec1906 Eliot Wadsworth and Phlip S. Dalton, trustees under the will of Eliza Goodwin Emily E. Jeffries 3181 346
17Dec1885 Oliver W. Peabody Eliza Goodwin 1705 465
16Sep1871 Charles K. Kirby (lot with 24 foot 10 inch frontage and dwelling house) Oliver W. Peabody 1070 157
Transfers of Unimproved Land
Date of Deed Grantor Grantee Book Page
15Oct1870 Commonwealth of Massachusetts (lot with 75 foot frontage) Charles K. Kirby 1019 246
Party Wall Agreements
Date Party One Party Two Book Page
12Jun1863 Catharine Louisa Hill and Almira Hill (Owner of lot at 103 Marlborough) William S. Whitwell (Holder of right to purchase 105 Marlborough) 831 215