Index to Deeds: 120 Marlborough

The following is an index to property transfer deeds recorded at the Suffolk County Deed Registry from the original land purchase through December 31, 2020.  Mortgages, trust agreements, and other similar recorded documents are not included.  This index is intended as a guide only; actual deeds should be reviewed for details.

Transfers of Land and Buildings
Date of Deed Grantor Grantee Book Page
17Sep1981 Janet W. Dewhurst and James M. White, Jr., executors of the estate of John T. Hayes Joseph F. Patton, Jr. and Joan H. Patton, husband and wife 9841 72
17Feb1955 Constance T. Rhinelander John T. Hayes and Hester S. Hayes, husband and wife 7034 253
28Jul1947 Ethel B. Smith Constance T. Rhinelander 6254 441
24Aug1920 Charles B. Wiggin and Bessie Hayes Wiggin, his wife, in her own right Ethel B. Smith, wife of Richard M. Smith 4248 293
31Jan1917 Charles B. Wiggin Bessie Hayes Wiggin, wife of Charles B. Wiggin 4009 39
05Jun1915 Helen M. Loring, wife of Stanton D. Loring Charles B. Wiggin 3885 241
02May1906 Adelaide E. Griswold Helen M. Loring, wife of Stanton D. Loring 3125 171
01Oct1869 Charles W. Freeland (lot with 16 foot frontage and dwelling house) Adelaide Elizabeth Griswold, wife of Daniel C. Griswold 976 213
Transfers of Unimproved Land
Date of Deed Grantor Grantee Book Page
26Oct1868 Commonwealth of Massachusetts (lot with 198 foot frontage) Charles W. Freeland 943 59