Index to Deeds: 234 Marlborough

The following is an index to property transfer deeds recorded at the Suffolk County Deed Registry from the original land purchase until conversion of the building into condominiums.  Mortgages, trust agreements, and other similar recorded documents are not included.  This index is intended as a guide only; actual deeds should be reviewed for details.

Transfers of Land and Buildings
Date of Deed Grantor Grantee Book Page
10Jun1975 Betty Bishop and Rosalie M. Buck (confirmatory deed) 234 Marlborough Street Condominium 8792 302
09Apr1975 Betty Bishop and Rosalie M. Buck 234 Marlborough Street Condominium 8783 601
16Dec1974 Obrebar Corporation Betty Bishop and Rosalie M. Buck 8759 113
20Jun1951 Frank R. Ober Obrebar Corporation 6707 563
11Jun1951 Charles M. Storey and Richard C. Storey, executors of the will of Elizabeth M. Lovett Frank R. Ober 6707 562
09Oct1895 John D. Lovett Elizabeth Moorfield Lovett, wife of Robert Williamson Lovett 2324 517
27Jun1895 Robert W. Lovett John D. Lovett 2291 603
27Jun1895 Abraham F. Hervey and Elizabeth K. Hervey, his wife, in her own right Robert W. Lovett 2291 596
Transfers of Unimproved Land
Date of Deed Grantor Grantee Book Page
30Mar1881 Commonwealth of Massachusetts (lot with 25 foot frontage) Elizabeth K. Hervey, wife of Abraham F. Hervey 1519 513