Index to Deeds: 26 Commonwealth

The following is an index to property transfer deeds and original building construction contracts recorded at the Suffolk County Deed Registry from the original land purchase until conversion of the building into condominiums.  Mortgages, trust agreements, and other similar recorded documents are not included.  This index is intended as a guide only; actual deeds should be reviewed for details.


Transfers of Land and Buildings
Date of Deed Grantor Grantee Book Page
14Feb1985 Patrick Ahearn, trustee, Commonwealth Properties Realty Trust (22-24-26 Commonwealth) 22-24-26 Commonwealth Avenue Condominium 11420 77
14Feb1985 James J. Devaney (22-24-26 Commonwealth) Patrick Ahearn, trustee, Commonwealth Properties Realty Trust 11410 282
26Apr1984 Mary Elizabeth Brady, trustee, Roebuck Trust (22-24-26 Commonwealth) James J. Devaney 10889 112
16Dec1983 Robert Swartz, First National Bank of Boston, and Rosalyn Hewertown (Rosalyn Deigh), trustees of the Estate of Edward Swartz (22-24-26 Commonwealth) Mary Elizabeth Brady, trustee, Roebuck Trust 10748 266
08Nov1966 Elinor B. Sanderson (24-26 Commonwealth) Edward Swartz 8079 549
08Nov1966 Edward Swartz (24-26 Commonwealth) Elinor B. Sanderson 8079 541
14Apr1954 Hattie M. White (24-26 Commonwealth) Edward Swartz 6949 309
14Apr1954 S. Clifford Speed (24-26 Commonwealth) Hattie M. White 6949 302
24Nov1936 Mary L. McGill S. Clifford Speed 5636 423
13Jul1934 Alpheus Haskins Mary L. McGill 5464 464
18Jan1934 Mildred Sturgis Alphreus Haskins 5427 365
14Oct1914 Roger F. Sturgis Mildred Sturgis 3841 260
29Mar1901 Francis H. Appleton and T. Jefferson Coolidge, Jr., trustees under the will of Georgiana C. Saltonstall, formerly Georgiana C. Appleton Roger F. Sturgis 2744 626
Transfers of Unimproved Land
Date of Deed Grantor Grantee Book Page
01Jul1860 Samuel Hooper Henry Saltonstall. trustee under an pre-marital indenture between Henry Saltonstall and Georgiana C. Appleton 789 305
02May1860 Commonwealth of Massachusetts Samuel Hooper 777 145
Building Construction Agreements
Date Party One Party Two Book Page
07Jul1860 Lemuel Miles Standish and Charles Woodbury, masons, and Jonas Fitch, carpenter Henry Saltonstall 797 261
The building construction contract specifies that Gridley J. F. Bryant and Arthur Gilman are the architects, and designates Gridley Bryant as superintendent for the work.  It refers to plans and specifications agreed upon by both parties, establishes the price for the work at $13,400, sets a completion date of not later than August 1, 1861, and specifies other terms and conditions.  The agreement includes the following addenda to clarify or modify specifications contained in the original plans.
“Addenda: Put on grounds to four floors between the under and upper floor boards ¾ of an inch, & plaster between the same with a good solid coat of cement & mortar, mixed in equal proportions of lime and cement.  The party walls are to be 12 in. thick, up to the level of the first chamber floor, thence 8 in. to top.  The dimensions of the house on the ground are to be widened one foot, so as to measure nineteen feet from centre to centre of party walls, instead of 18 ft. as hereinbefore specified.  The Bay-window shewn [sic] plans, elevations, &c. is to be up according to the plans of Freestone, complete, and finished and glazed with French plate-glass as shewn [sic].  Seal up the walls of Kitchen with best hard pine, 1 inch stock, 2 ft. 8 high.  In addition to the wash space bowls mentioned in the printed specification, hereto annex, there is to be a wash space bowl in back chamber on first chamber floor, and a bath room, bath tub, and water closet on second chamber floor, the whole of which, together with their appurtenances, to be fully equal to those indicated in the printed specifications aforesaid.  The front yard fence stones are to be supported on granite foundation & piles corresponding in heights and levels to the walls and piles of the walls of the house, in consideration of which the said party of the second part is to pay to the said parties of the first part the sum of Four hundred dollars, in addition to the sum of Thirteen Thousand Four Hundred dollars, hereinbefore set forth as the contract-price to be paid for erecting said house.  The outside courses of the rear wall of the house above the yard level are to be of pressed brick laid with neat bond up to the copper gutter thereof, including pressed brick cornice beneath said gutter, in consideration of which the said party of the second party agree to pay to said parties of the first part the sum of One hundred dollars in addition to the two sums of Thirteen Thousand Four Hundred dollars, and the sume of Four hundred dollars hereinbefore stipulated.”