Index to Deeds: 347 Marlborough

The following is an index to property transfer deeds recorded at the Suffolk County Deed Registry from the original land purchase until conversion of the property into condominium units.  Mortgages, trust agreements, and other similar recorded documents are not included.  This index is intended as a guide only; actual deeds should be reviewed for details.

Transfers of Land and Buildings
Date of Deed Grantor Grantee Book Page
18Jan1980 Charles C. Stuart and Sarah W. Stuart, husband and wife Charles E. Park Condominium 9365 312
26Jun1978 Unitarian Christian Fellowship, Inc. Charles C. Stuart and Sarah W. Stuart, husband and wife 9068 108
17Dec1962 First Church in Boston Unitarian Christian Fellowship, Inc. 7708 354
29May1909 Helen A. McIntire, Walter S. McIntire, and Wilbur C. McIntire, being all the heirs at law and devisees of Charles McIntire;  and Lizzie L. McIntire, Cora McIntire, George McIntire, and Charles E. Fish, all of the surviving heirs at law of Joseph McIntire First Church in Boston 3368 295
01Jun1895 Elbridge G. Knight (one-half undivided interest) Joseph McIntire 2287 259
15Nov1873 Hiram A. Gerrish (lot with 20 foot frontage and dwelling house) Elbridge G. Knight and Joseph McIntire, co-partners in the firm of Knight & McIntire 1188 278
Transfers of Unimproved Land
Date of Deed Grantor Grantee Book Page
01Jan1872 George M. Gibson (land with 250 foot frontage “on which I am now building eleven dwelling houses”) Hiram A. Gerrish 1086 73
10Sep1871 George W. Pratt (lot with 250 foot frontage) George M. Gibson 1070 124
24Apr1868 Robert M. Pratt (lot with 375 foot frontage) George W. Pratt 943 88
20Feb1863 Boston Water Power Company (lot with 375 foot frontage) Robert M. Pratt 826 89