Index to Deeds: 484 Beacon

The following is an index to property transfer deeds and building restriction agreements recorded at the Suffolk County Deed Registry from the original land purchase until conversion of the building into condominium units.  Mortgages, trust agreements, and other similar recorded documents are not included.  This index is intended as a guide only; actual deeds should be reviewed for details.

Transfers of Land and Buildings
Date of Deed Grantor Grantee Book Page
27Jan2003 484 Beacon Street, LLC The 484 Beacon Street Condominium 30460 241
06Oct2001 The 484 Phi Alpha Foundation, Inc. 484 Beacon Street, LLC 27237 130
05Feb2001 Massachusetts Iota-Tau Association The 484 Phi Alpha Foundation, Inc. 25904 11
01Jul1921 William J. Stober Massachusetts Iota-Tau Association 4302 558
19Feb1914 Lila Sutton Scoville, wife of John R. Scovill William J. Stober 3790 481
30Mar1893 Eugene H. Fay (lot with 22.67 foot frontage and dwelling house) Lila Sutton Young 2119 405
Transfers of Unimproved Land
Date of Deed Grantor Grantee Book Page
03May1892 Boston and Roxbury Mill Corporation (lot with 114 foot frontage) Eugene H. Fay 2057 9
Agreement by all of the owners of property on the north side of Beacon between Hereford and Massachusetts Avenue (excluding the Mt. Vernon Church) “desirous of making such provision as will continue for twenty years longer [to December 31, 1929] the existing freedom from irregular building and obstruction of view which they now enjoy from the rear portion of their houses” under the existing provisions in original land transfer deeds from the Boston and Roxbury Mill Corporation for property at 460-490 Beacon which provide: “No buildings other than the usual outbuildings including stables of not more than one story in height shall before January 1, 1910, be erected on said parcel northerly of a line parallel with and ninety feet north from the northerly line of Beacon Street.”  Further agreement that these provisions are modified to permit “bay-windows or swells of any description” that extend up to five feet into the restricted area provided that they do not “cut off the view from any adjoining house.”  Also agreed that the properties located at 448-458 Beacon, the original land deeds for which do not include restrictions on construction in the rear yards, “may remain as at present constructed but unless they already do so shall not be extended any further to the northward” than allowed by the restrictions in the agreement.  And agreed that nothing in the agreement shall “affect or impair any restrictions now in force … or any agreement now existing between any of the owners.”
Date Parties Book Page
02Aug1909 Helen Hooper (by Philip Dexter, her guardian), owner of 448 Beacon; Ellen M. Fenno, owner of 450 Beacon; Mary Quincy Adams, owner of 452 Beacon; Fanny Young, owner of 454 Beacon; Nathan Matthews, Francis C. Welch, and Quincy A. Shaw, trustees under a trust from William B. Green, mortgagees of 456 Beacon; Morton Prince and Fanny L. Prince, owners of 458 Beacon; Massachusetts Hospital Life Insurance Co., mortgagee of 458 Beacon; Camilla C. Davenport, owner of 460 Beacon; Provident Institution for Savings in the Town of Boston, mortgagee of 460 Beacon; Robert H. Gardiner, George Dexter, and Philip Dexter, trustees under the will of William S. Dexter, mortgagees of 462 Beacon; Fanny L. Curtis, owner of 464 Beacon; Laura L. Case, owner of 466 Beacon; Caroline S. Freeman, owner of 470  Beacon; Harry S. Hall, owner of 472 Beacon; Katharine C. Pierce, owner of 474 Beacon; Eugenia Frothingham, owner of 476 Beacon; Laurence Minot, trustee under the will of Mary M. Gaillard, mortgageee of 476 Beacon; James R. Hooper, owner of 478 Beacon; Alison B. Hill, owner of 480 Beacon; Alonzo G. Van Nostrand, owner of 482 Beacon; Lila Sutton Scoville, formerly Lila Sutton Young, owner of 484 Beacon; William M. Butler, owner of 486 Beacon; Ellen S. Bacon, mortgagee ot 486 Beacon; and Harriet L. Putnam, owner of 488 Beacon; and Joseph W. Smith, owner of 490 Beacon. 3417 541
Building restriction included in land transfer deed specifying that, before January 1, 1910, no building, other than the usual outbuildings (including stables) of no more than one story in height, may be built north of a line 90 feet north of the north side of Beacon.
Date of Deed Grantor Grantee Book Page
03May1892 Boston and Roxbury Mill Corporation Eugene H. Fay 2057 9