Index to Deeds: 72 Marlborough

The following is an index to property transfer deeds agreements recorded at the Suffolk County Deed Registry from the original land purchase through December 31, 2010.  Mortgages, trust agreements, and other similar recorded documents are not included.  This index is intended as a guide only; actual deeds should be reviewed for details.

Transfers of Land and Buildings
Date of Deed Grantor Grantee Book Page
31May1996 Matthias B. Donelan Robert A. Henderson and Laura K., husband and wife 20609 242
01Oct1984 Geno (Gino) R. Rossi Matthias B. Donelan 11180 197
16Nov1932 Henry Wheeler and Alexander Wheeler, executors under the will of Helen Wheeler Flora Enright O’Keefe, wife of Philip T. O’Keefe 5354 161
02Mar1868 Charles K. Kirby Alexander S. Wheeler 919 51
Transfers of Unimproved Land
Date of Deed Grantor Grantee Book Page
15May1866 Henry Lee, Jr. (lot with 18 foot frontage, of which 6 inches used for 70 Marlborough and 17 feet 6 inches for 72 Marlborough) Charles K. Kirby 878 147
06Oct1865 Ann W. Davis (one-fourth interest in lot with 160 foot frontage) Henry Lee, Jr. 866 150
27Sep1865 Frances E. A. Davis and Edward D. Sohier and Sewall Tappan, trustees under the will of Jonathan Amory Davis for the benefit of Frances Davis and Ann W. Davis (one-fourth undivided interest in lot with 220 foot frontage) Ann W. Davis 866 149
14Nov1863 Commonwealth of Massachusetts (lot with 220 foot frontage) Henry Lee, Jr. (three-fourths undivided interest) and J. Amory Davis (one-fourth undivided interest) 860 39
Agreement by Henry Lee, Jr. to sell land to Charles K. Kirby at agreed-upon price, and agreement by Charles K. Kirby to construct dwelling houses thereon to agreed-upon specifications and at agreed-upon price.
Date Party One Party Two Book Page
14Oct1865 Henry Lee, Jr. (owner of lot with 160 foot frontage) Charles K. Kirby (architect and builder) 869 9