John Andrews Fox

Personal Data

John Andrews Fox was born in 1836 in Dorchester, the son of Rev. Thomas Bayley Fox and his wife, Feroline Walley Pierce.

He married in 1878 to Josephine Clapp.

John Fox died on May 4, 1920.


John Fox apprenticed with the engineering firm of Garbett & Wood.  He served in the 2nd Massachusetts Infantry Regiment in the Civil War from 1862 to 1865, including participating ins “Sherman’s March to the Sea.”  After he returned to Boston, he opened his own office and practiced architecture in Boston as a sole practitioner until his death in 1920.  He is considered the “father of stick style” architecture.

Among his works were the Boston Museum theatre (1871); the New Theatre at Brockton (1873); the Tewksbury Hospital building (1883); the Town Hall in Provincetown (1886), and the Home for Aged Couples in Roxbury.

Back Bay Work

1886 403 Marlborough