Mendal Waters

Personal Data

Mendal Waters (born Manuel Blume) was born on February 2, 1896, in Boston, the son of David Blume, who changed his name to David Waters, and his wife, Catherine (Kate) Miller.

Mendal Waters married on September 4, 1937, in Derry, New Hampshire, to Miriam (Minnie) Goldshine (b. 25May1897 in Fall River; d. 1942 in Brookline), daughter of Abraham Goldshine and his wife, Etta Tobin.

He married again in 1944, in Brookline, to Anna Hilda Black (b. 27Oct1902 in Denver CO; d. 7Jan1979 in Washington DC). daughter of Samuel L. Black and his wife, Celia Berenson.

Mendal Waters died on May 21, 1963.  At the time of his death, he was a resident of Newton, Massachusetts.


Mendal Waters studied civil engineering at Tufts College. By 1921, he had begun working as a draftsman and civil engineer, and in about 1923 he opened an office as Mendal Waters Company, architects, in Roxbury.

In about 1929, he moved his office to Boston, where he practiced as Manning Waters, architectural engineer. He continued to maintained his office there until about 1942. In 1942, when he registered for the draft, he was employed with Stone & Webster Engineering.

In about 1946, he resumed practice in Boston as an architectural engineer, under the name of Mendal Waters, but appears also to have used the name Manning Waters in connection with his work.

Mendal Waters’s work included Wyeth Hall at Harvard (1931) and a commercial building at 37-94 Parkingway in Quincy (1948), both under the name Manning Waters.

Back Bay Work

1935 443 Beacon (Remodeling) [as Manning Waters]
1947 409 Beacon (Remodeling)
1948 133 Marlborough (Remodeling)
1948 135 Marlborough (Remodeling)