Strickland, Blodget, and Law

Strickland, Blodget, and Law was formed in 1920, a partnership of Sidney Talbot Strickland, William Power Blodget, and Alexander Francis Law, the successor to Strickland and Law, which had been formed in 1915.  All three men had been in the offices of Shepley, Rutan, and Coolidge prior to World War I (William Strickland married Charles Rutan’s daughter, Elsie, in 1905).

The firm’s name is sometimes incorrectly given as “Strickland, Blodgett, and Law.”

The firm designed hotels, apartment buildings, stores, and residences, including the Ritz Carlton Hotel at 15 Arlington.

Strickland, Blodget, and Law dissolved in 1932, after which Sidney Strickland continued the firm in partnership with his son, Charles, as Strickland and Strickland.  Blodget and Law became sole practitioners, apparently sharing an office at 69 Newbury.

Back Bay Work

1927 15 Arlington
1929 6 Arlington