Edmund Quincy Sylvester

Personal Data

Edmund Quincy Sylvester, Jr., was born on July 11, 1869, in Hanover, the son of of Edmund Quincy Sylvester and his wife Eliza Salmond (daughter of Samuel Salmond).

He never married.

Edmund Sylvester died on September 22, 1942, in Hanover


Edmund Sylvester graduated from MIT’s School of Architecture in 1892. He joined the firm of Hartwell and Richardson as a draftsman, remaining there until about 1900, when he opened his own architect’s office in Boston.

Edmund Sylvester’s work focused largely on ecclesiastical buildings, notably for the Episcopal Church, including St. Cuthberts on MacMahan Island, Georgetown, Maine (1902), St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Dorchester (1904), the Church of St. Augustine and St. Martin at 29-31 Lenox Street in Roxbury (1908), St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Belmont (1912), Christ Episcopal Church in Plymouth (1912), St. Andrew’s Church and Rectory in Manchester NH (1913), St. Barnabas Church, Berlin NH, and Christ Episcopal Church in Needham Heights (1915). Also among his works were the John Curtis Free Library (1907) in Hanover and Fay School Diningroom in Southborough (1926).

Although he maintained his architect’s office in Boston, Edmund Sylvester’s primary residence was in Hanover.

Back Bay Work

1912 362 Marlborough (Remodeling)