Edwin Sherrill Dodge

Personal Data

Edwin Sherrill Dodge was born on October 25, 1874, in Newburyport, the son of Elisha Perkins Dodge and his wife, Katharine Searls Gray.

He married on November 4, 1904, in Paris, to Mrs. Mabel (Ganson) Evans, the daughter of Charles F. Ganson and his wife, Sara (LNU).  She was the former wife of Karl Evans.  Edwin and Mabel Dodge divorced in June of 1916.

He married second on September 21, 1920, in Westwood, Massachusetts, to Mts. Margaret Harrison Child.

Edwin Dodge died on December 10, 1938, in Boston.


Edwin Sherrill Dodge graduated from Harvard in 1895 and from MIT in 1897.  He subsequently studed at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, graduating in 1902.  He returned to Boston and worked as an architect in various office, and then opened his own office in February of 1903.  In the summer of 1904, he returned to Paris.  He lived in Florence, Italy, until 1911, when he returned to the United States and resumed the practice of architecture in New York City and Boston.

In about 1915, he opened an office in Boston, where he continued to practice until his death in December of 1938.

Among his works were Bennington College and Newburyport High School.

Back Bay Work

1919 11 Commonwealth (Remodeling)
1937 11 Commonwealth (Remodeling)