Lois L. Howe and Manning

Lois L. Howe and Manning was formed in 1913 by Lois Lilley Howe and Eleanor Manning. It is believed to be the first architectural firm in Boston founded by women and the second in the United States.

Lois Lilley Howe had been in practice since 1894.  She was listed as an artist in the 1895 Boston City Directory and as an architect thereafter. In 1913, she asked Eleanor Manning, one of her draftsmen, to become her partner. creating the firm of Lois L. Howe and Manning.  In 1926, Mary Almy, who also had been a draftsman with the firm, was made a partner, forming Howe, Manning, and Almy. The firm continued until 1937 when Lois Howe retired, and Eleanor Manning and Mary Almy established separate offices.

Lois L. Howe and Manning was best known for its residential work in the Colonial Revival style.  About 20 percent of its work was in Cambridge, where Lois L. Howe lived.
Back Bay Work

1915 193 Marlborough (Remodeling)
1917 63 Marlborough (Remodeling)