Architectural Plans: 282 Beacon (1926)

In December of 1926, architects Blackall and Elwell prepared plans for the construction of 282 Beacon for Elliott Henderson, trustee of the 282 Beacon Street Trust.

Blueprints for the building are included in the City of Boston Blueprints Collection in the Boston City Archives (reference BIN N-19). They include 22 sheets of drawings, including elevations of the Beacon, Exeter, river, and west façades, floor plans, framing plans, piling and foundation plans, column schedules, and drawings of various construction details.

Below, courtesy of the Boston Public Library Arts Department and the Boston City Archives, are scans of the drawings of the Beacon, Exeter, and river elevations.

282 Beacon, Beacon (south) elevation, by Blackall and Elwell (1926).

282 Beacon, Exeter (east) elevation, by Blackall and Elwell (1926).

282 Beacon, River (north) elevation, by Blackall and Elwell (1926).