Francis Henry Jackson

Personal Data

Francis Henry Jackson was born on August 5, 1815, in Boston, the son of James Jackson and his wife Elizabeth Cabot (daughter of Andrew Cabot).

He married on June 1, 1842, to Sarah Ann Boott (b. Mar1821 in MA; d. 6Dec1886 at 302 Berkeley in Boston), daughter of Kirk Boott and his wife Anne Haden (daughter of Thomas Haden).

Francis Jackson died on July 5, 1873, in Boston.


Francis Henry Jackson was a real estate dealer.  At the time of the 1860 US Census, he described his occupation as being an architect and it is possible that he designed 14 Marlborough. which was built ca. 1863 and was his home by 1865.

It also appears likely, although not certain, that he was the Frank Jackson who designed a block of five houses at 91 Marlborough and 273-279 Clarendon ca, 1869, and also was the “F. H. Jackson” who is shown as the architect on the April 5, 1872, permit applications for 361-363-365 Beacon (there is no architect named Jackson with a first name beginning with “F” listed in the Boston City Directories for the 1870-1874 period).

Back Bay Work

1865 14 Marlborough (?)
1869 273 Clarendon (?)
1869 275 Clarendon (?)
1869 277 Clarendon (?)
1869 279 Clarendon (?)
1869 91 Marlborough (271 Clarendon) (?)
1872 361 Beacon (?)
1872 363 Beacon (?)
1872 365 Beacon (?)