Herbert Jaques

Personal Data

Herbert Jaques was born on January 23, 1857, in Framingham, the son of Francis Jaques and his wife Caroline Louisa Merriam (daughter of Charles Merriam).

He married on April 26, 1883, in Newton, to Harriet Sayles Francis (b. 2Apr1858 in New York City; d. 17Jan1929 at the Hotel Somerset in Boston), daughter of Charles Francis and his wife Harriet Sayles (daughter of Willard Sayles).

Herbert Jaques died on December 21, 1916, at 9 Massachusetts Avenue in Boston.

Herbert Jaques’s name is sometimes incorrectly spelled “Jacques.”


Herbert Jaques was educated at MIT.  After graduating, he worked as a draftsman in the offices of Snell and Gregerson, and then with Henry Hobson Richardson.

In 1883, he joined with Robert Day Andrews, who also had been a draftsman with Richardson, in the firm of Andrews and Jaques.

In 1889, Augustus Neal Rantoul joined the firm and it became Andrews, Jaques, and Rantoul.

Andrews, Jaques and Rantoul designed a number of residences, but became best known for the public and commercial buildings it designed throughout the country.

After Herbert Jacques’s death, I. Howland Jones joined the firm and it became Andrews, Rantoul and Jones.

Back Bay Work

1889 448 Beacon [Andrews and Jaques]