Jacob Frederick Krokyn

Personal Data

Jacob Frederick Krokyn was born on July 14, 1881, in Boston, the son of Davis Krokyn and his wife, Leah (LNU).

He married to Rae Tannenbaum (b. 1881-1882 in NY).

Jacob Krokyn died on December 3, 1960, in Boston.


J. Frederick Krokyn graduated from Harvard in 1903 and from Harvard’s Lawrence Scientific School in 1906.  After further study in Europe, he apprenticed with Coolidge and Shattuck, he opened his own practice in about 1915.

In the early 1920s, he joined with Ambrose Amarie Browne in the firm of Krokyn and Browne.  From about 1925 through 1929, Arthur Rosenstein also was a partner, and the firm was known as Krokyn, Browne, and Rosenstein.  By 1930, Arthur Rosenstein no longer was a named partner in the firm, but he continued as a member of firm.

Krokyn and Browne continued until about 1957.  Thereafter, J. Frederick Krokyn went into partnership with his son, William, forming the firm of Krokyn and Krokyn, and Ambrose Browne went into practice with his son, W. Chester Browne.

Krokyn and Browne was known primarily for its public and commercial buildings, including several movie theatres throughout New England.

Back Bay Work

1935 154 Beacon (Remodeling) [Krokyn and Browne]
1959 353 Marlborough [Krokyn and Krokyn]