Louis Phillippe Rogers

Personal Data

Louis Phillippe was born on February 12, 1838, in Phippsburg or Bath, Maine, the son of William Rogers and his wife, Abigail Butler.

He married on July 1, 1860, in Medford, to Maria C. Dolliver (b. 1831-1840 in Boston; d. 12Mar1909 in Andover), daughter of Thomas H. Dolliver and his wife, Maria Beal Fenno.

Louis Rogers died on April 27, 1905, in Andover.


Louis Rogers joined Gridley J. F. Bryant’s office in 1855 as a draftsman.  By 1865, he was established as an architect in Bryant’s office.  He left soon afterwards to open his own offices, but in September of 1867 he rejoined Bryant as his partner in the firm of Bryant and Rogers.

The partnership continued until about 1877, when Rogers left Boston for Washington, DC, where by 1879 he was chief draftsman in the office of the supervising architect of the Treasury Department..  He resigned from that position in September of 1880 and may have moved to Kansas City briefly before settling in Rochester, New York, in 1882.

In Rochester, he was in partnership with John R. Thomas until 1886, after which he was a sole practitioner (except for one year when he was in partnership with A. Burnside Sturgis and Leon Stern).  He remained in Rochester until the early 1890s, after which he returned to Massachusetts and settled in Malden.

For more information, see: Building Victorian Boston: The Architecture of Gridley J. F. Bryant; by Roger Reed (University of Massachusetts Press, 2007).

Back Bay Work

1869 8 Arlington [Bryant and Rogers]
1870 12 Commonwealth (Demolished) [Bryant and Rogers]