Peters and Rice

The firm of Peters and Rice was a partnership of William York Peters and Arthur Wallace Rice, formed in January of 1898.  Peters retired in January of 1904, and Rice continued to practice under the firm name of Peters and Rice until 1907, when he joined J. Harleston Parker and Douglas H. Thomas, Jr., forming the firm of Parker, Thomas, and Rice.

In 1900, the firm produced what Bainbridge Bunting (in Houses of Boston’s Back Bay) calls “two of the finest” examples of High Georgian designs at 97 Bay State Road and 145-147-149 Bay State Road.  Bunting notes that “the corner house of the block, the old Weld mansion at number 149, is almost palatial in scale.”

Peters and Rice also designed the Filene’s Department Store building on Washington Street in Boston (1905; demolished).

Back Bay Work

1898 506 Commonwealth
1903 5 Commonwealth (Rebuilding)