Raleigh Colston Gildersleeve

Personal Data

Raleigh Colston Gildersleeve was born on June 8. 1869, in Charlottesville, Virginia, the son of Basil Lanneau Gilbersleeve and his wife Eliza Fisher Colston.

He married on April 29, 1915, in New York City, to Elena Josefa Mariana (de Apezteguia) Middleton (b. 5Sep1882 in Spain; d. 1954), daughter of Julio Jose Apeztegula and his wife, Helen Seagrave Vincent, and the former wife of John Izard Middleton.

Raleigh Gildersleeve died on September 12, 1944, in Lawrence, New York.


Raleigh Gildersleeve graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1888.

He was an architect in New York City. Among his work, he designed McCosh Hall (1905-1907) at Princeton, as well as the Upper and Lower Pyne dormitories, and several eating clubs (the Cap & Gown, the Campus, and the Elm). He also designed the Ridgefield Library (1903) in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and remodeled 12 East 53rd Street in Manhattan for Walter G. Oakman (Chairman of trhe Board of the Guaranty Trust Company).

Back Bay Work

1905 53 Marlborough (Remodeling)