Shepard and Stearns

Shepard and Stearns was a partnership of George Frederick Shepard, Jr., and Frederic Baldwin Stearns.  They began working together in 1913 and formalized their partnership as Shepard and Stearns in 1921. They continued as partners until 1950, when Stearns retired.

Shepard and Stearns work included a number of office, school, and hospital buildings.  Among their works were the Suburban Club in Stamford. Connecticut (1914), Administration Building for the Baker Chocolate factory (1919), Boston YWCA Building at Clarendon and Stuart Streets (1929), office buildings for the Carter Pen Company and Union Wool Company, the Milton Women’s Clubhouse, and the Colicott and Cunningham School in Milton.

Back Bay Work

1930 132 Beacon (Remodeling)