345 Commonwealth

345 Commonwealth (2013)

345 Commonwealth (2013)

Lot 28' x 124.5' (3,486 sf)

Lot 28′ x 124.5′ (3,486 sf)

345 Commonwealth is located on the north side of Commonwealth, between Hereford and Massachusetts Avenue, with 343 Commonwealth to the east and 347 Commonwealth to the west.

345 Commonwealth was designed by architect Frederick A. Norcross and built in 1925 on a vacant lot.  It was built as a ten-unit apartment building.  Before it was completed, it was converted into nine apartments and one dentist’s office.

Architectural plans — including floor plans and floor framing plans — are included in the City of Boston Blueprints Collection in the Boston Public Library’s Arts Department (reference BIN F-15)

The firm of Berch & Cadigan is shown as the owners on the original building permit application, dated February 14, 1925, and Henry Berch et al were the assessed owners from 1925 through 1927.  Berch & Cadigan were steamfitters with offices at 130 Shawmut Avenue, a partnership of Henry Berch and Neil S. Cadigan.  The probably build it on speculation and sold it soon after its completion.

Philip Rosenfield was the assessed owner of 345 Commonwealth in 1928 and 1929, and is shown as the owner on the 1928 Bromley map.

Samuel Slotnick was the assessed owner from 1930 through 1932.

The New York Life Insurance Company was the assessed owner from 1933 through 1941 and is shown as the owner on the 1938 Bromley map.

The property changed hands and by 1944 was owned by F. H. Buckley et al, trustees, who were the assessed owners from that year through 1948.

On June 3, 1946, the three upper floors of 345 Commonwealth were damaged by fire.

Arthur Hafffer was the assessed owner of 345 Commonwealth from 1949 through 1953.

In about 1953, 345 Commonwealth was purchased by Dr. Howard Cartnick Reith and his wife, Frances Ellen (born Frances Eleanor Lillian) (Gardner) Reith.  Howard Reith et al were the assessed owners from 1954.  He was a dentist and maintained his office at 370 Commonwealth;  they lived in Winthrop.

In July of 1953, Frances Reith filed for (and subsequently received) permission to legalize the occupancy as twelve apartments, indicating that was consistent with the previous owner’s agreement when she purchased the property (implying, thereby, that it was an existing condition).

The property changed hands and in July of 1986 was purchased by Joseph F. Perroncello, trustee of the 345 Commonwealth Avenue Realty Trust.

In September of 1986, he converted the property into twelve condominium units, the 345 Commonwealth Avenue Condominium.