Frank Warren Smith

Personal Data

Frank Warren Smith was born on January 24, 1861, in Cincinnati, Ohio, the son of Holland Smith and his wife, Jane Ludlow Ross (daughter of Ogden Ross).

He died on October 3, 1916, in Hull.

Frank Smith was unmarried.


Frank Smith was an architect in partnership with Henry S. McKay, in the firm of McKay and Smith, from about 1888. He previously had been a draftsman in Henry McKay’s office.

McKay and Smith designed The Abbotsford at 184-188 Commonwealth, in which both Henry McKay and Frank Smith (and Smith’s mother, Jane (Ross) Smith Palmer) had ownership interests.

McKay and Smith dissolved in about 1892, and Frank Smith became a sole practictitioner until about1900, when he became a lumber dealer and then a real estate dealer.

Back Bay Work

1889 184 Commonwealth [McKay and Smith]
1890 186-188 Commonwealth [McKay and Smith]