Edgar Corrie Curtis

Personal Data

Edgar Corrie Curtis was born on May 13, 1846, in Boston, the son of Thomas Buckminster Curtis and his wife, Laura Greenough.

Edgar Curtis died on December 16, 1886, in Boston.

He was unmarried


Edgar Curtis graduated from Harvard in 1869.  In about 1880, he opened an office as an architect.  In 1881 and 1882, he shared an office with Theodore Minot Clark and they worked together on several commissions.  By 1883, Curtis had moved to a separate office.  It does not appear that they ever had a formal partnership.

In April of 1886, he joined in partnership with Frank Eugene Kidder in the firm of Curtis and Kidder.  He died in December of that year.

Back Bay Work

1881 179 Marlborough [Clark and Curtis]
1881 184 Marlborough [Clark and Curtis]
1884 293 Beacon