Frederick Whitcomb Wead

Personal Data

Frederick Whitcomb Wead was born on February 11, 1883, in Malone, New York, the son of Leslie Clark Read and his wife, Kate Haswell Whitcomb (daughter of William W. Whitcomb).

Frederick Wead died on November 4, 1975, in Brookline.

He was unmarried.


Frederick Wead graduated from Harvard in 1905, and received his Master’s Degree in Architecture from Harvard’s Graduate School of Applied Science in 1907.

After graduation, he worked in the offices of Andrews, Jaques, and Rantoul for four years. From March of 1911 through the end of 1915 he was with the offices of Cram and Ferguson.

In 1916, he opened his own offices in Boston. He continued to practice until 1942, when he retired.

Back Bay Work

1916 5 Arlington (Remodeling)
1917 3 Fairfield (Remodeling)