Hartwell and Richardson

Hartwell and Richardson was formed in 1881 by Henry Walker Hartwell and William Cummings Richardson.  Hartwell was the engineer and Richardson the designer.  In about 1895, the partnership was expanded to include James Driver, previously a draftsman with the firm.  The firm remained Hartwell, Richardson, and Driver after Henry Hartwell’s death in 1919, but returned to the name Hartwell and Richardson after James Driver withdrew because of ill health in the early 1920s (he died in 1923).  William Richardson continued to practice under the firm name of Hartwell and Richardson until his death in 1935.

The firm designed in the Romanesque, Queen Anne, and shingle styles.  Among their works were the Belmont Town Hall in 1881; the Normal Art School (1883) at the southwest corner of Newbury and Exeter; the First Spiritual Temple (1884, later the Exeter Theater), an elaborate Romanesque design in granite and brownstone at Exeter and Newbury; the addition of a fourth floor at 39-40 Beacon Street (later the Women’s City Club) in 1888; and the chancel and transepts at St. Mary’s Church, Dorchester, in 1893.

Back Bay Work

1884 26 Exeter (181 Newbury)
1885 248 Marlborough
1891 273 Commonwealth