Kilham, Hopkins, and Greeley

Kilham, Hopkins, and Greeley was formed in about 1923, a partnership of Walter Harrington Kilham, James Cleveland Hopkins, and William Roger Greeley.  It was the successor to Kilham and Hopkins (Greeley had joined the office in about 1916).  James Hopkins died in 1938, but the firm retained its name and, in 1945, became Kilham, Hopkins, Greeley, and Brodie when Walter S. Brodie became a partner.

Among Kilham, Hopkins, and Greeley’s works were Waltham City Hall (1926); Cary Memorial Hall in Lexington (1927); Franklin School in Lexington (1929); Marshfield High School (1930); and the Community Sailing Boat House in Boston (1940-1941).

Back Bay Work

1923 8 Arlington (00 Marlborough (Addition)
1930 294 Beacon (Remodeling)
1930 296 Beacon (Demolished) (Remodeling)