Kilham and Hopkins

Kilham and Hopkins was a partnership of Walter Harrington Kilham and James Cleveland Hopkins, formed in 1900.  In about 1916, William Roger Greeley joined the office, and in about 1923 it became Kilham, Hopkins, and Greeley.

Among Kilham and Hopkins works were the Salem High School (1909); First Congregational Church in Hyde Park (1910); the Unitarian Universalist Church in Marblehead (1911); Hopewell School in Taunton  (1914); and Boston City Hall Annex (1914).

Back Bay Work

1908 284 Commonwealth (Remodeling)
1912 126 Beacon (Remodeling)
1915 179 Beacon (Remodeling)
1916 33 Marlborough (Remodeling)
1920 209 Beacon (Remodeling)