Leon Lewis Furr

Personal Data

Leon Lewis Furr was born on October 4, 1898, in Medford, the son of Franklin S. Furr and his wife, Anne E. Lewis.

He married to Iva R. (LNU) (b. 19Aug1903 in Maine; d. 2Mar1991).

Leon Furr died on June 25, 1985, in Stoneham.

Leon Furr was a draftsman from 1920 to 1940, and probably later. In 1930, he was a draftsman in Detroit. By 1940, he was living in Medford and working as a draftsman in an architect’s office. In the 1950s and 1960s, he was an architect with offices in West Medford.
Back Bay Work

1950 132 Commonwealth (Remodeling)
1953 396 Beacon (Remodeling)
1955 508 Beacon (Remodeling)
1959 527-529 Beacon (Remodeling)
1962 226 Beacon (Remodeling)
1963 242 Beacon (Remodeling)
1963 281 Beacon (Remodeling)
1964 182 Beacon (Remodeling)