Winslow and Wetherell

Winslow and Wetherell was a partnership of Walter Thacher Winslow and George Homans Wetherell.  It was the successor to Bradlee, Winslow, and Wetherell, formed following Nathaniel J. Bradlee‘s death in December of 1888 (Winslow had joined in partnership with Bradlee in 1872, and Wetherell had joined the partnership in 1882).  In the early 1890s, Henry Forbes Bigelow joined the office and in 1898 it became Winslow, Wetherell, and Bigelow.

Among Winslow and Wetherell’s works were the New England Building in Kansas City, Missouri (1887); the Auchmuty Building at 120 Kingston in Boston (1889); the Shreve, Crump & Low Building on Tremont (1890); the Edison Building on Atlantic Avenue (1891); the Castle Square Hotel and Theatre on Tremont (1894); Steinert Hall (1896) on Boylston, the Hotel Touraine at the corner of Tremont and Boylston (1897), the S. S. Pierce Building at Coolidge Corner in Brookline (1898), and the Jewellers Building on Washington and Bromfield (1898).

Winslow and Wetherell also are credited with designing many of the buildings of the Baker’s Chocolate factory in Dorchester.

Back Bay Work

1889 328 Commonwealth