Bigelow, Wadsworth, Hubbard, and Smith

Bigelow, Wadsworth, Hubbard, and Smith was formed in about 1928, a partnership of Henry Forbes BigelowPhilip Wadsworth, Edward A. Hubbard, and Giles M. Smith.  It was the successor to Bigelow and Wadsworth, formed when Hubbard and Smith, who already were architects with the firm, were made partners.  After Bigelow’s death in August of 1929, the firm continued as Wadsworth, Hubbard, and Smith.

Back Bay Work

1929 7 Commonwealth (Remodeling)
1929 80 Commonwealth (Remodeling)
1929 167 Marlborough (Remodeling)
1929 169 Marlborough (Remodeling)
1929 180 Marlborough (Remodeling)
1930 276 Marlborough (16 Fairield)