Philip Wadsworth

Personal Data

Philip Wadsworth was born on January 6, 1881, in Boston, the son of Oliver Fairfield Wadsworth and his wife, Mary Chapman Goodwin (daughter of Ozias Goodwin)

He married first on November 5, 1907, to Constance Amory (b. 29Dec1876 in Boston), daughter of George Washington Amory and his wife, Caroline Miller Bigelow (daughter of George Tyler Bigelow). They were divorced.

He married second in December of 1929 to Grace Lawrence (Croll) DeFriez (twin; b. 7Aug1885 in Boston; d. 20Jul1969 in Cambridge), daughter of Albert Ivins Croll and his wife Sarah Helen Merrill Knowles (daughter of Nathaniel Knowles), and widow of Thaddeus Coffin DeFriez II .  Divorced ca. 1940.

He married third by 1941 to Lisa J. (LNU).


Philip Wadsworth graduated from Harvard in 1902, after which he attended MIT and then studied in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in 1906 and 1907.

He returned to Boston and became a draftsman in the offices of Winslow and Bigelow (Walter Thacher Winslow and Henry Forbes Bigelow).  Walter Winslow died in January of 1909, and Philip Wadsworth became Henry Bigelow’s partner in February of 1909, the firm becoming Bigelow and Wadsworth.  The firm remained Bigelow and Wadsworth until about 1928, when Edward A. Hubbard and Giles M. Smith — both of whom already were with the firm — were made partners, and it became Bigelow, Wadsworth, Hubbard, and Smith.  After Bigelow’s death in August of 1929, the firm continued as Wadsworth, Hubbard, and Smith.

Back Bay Work

1910 400 Beacon (Remodeling) [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1912 340 Beacon (Remodeling) [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1913 448 Beacon (Remodeling) [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1915 417 Beacon (Remodeling) [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1915 9 Gloucester (Remodeling) [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1916 149 Beacon (Remodeling) [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1916 169 Marlborough (Remodeling) [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1916 249 Marlborough (Remodeling) [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1917 263 Beacon (Remodeling) [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1917 39 Commonwealth (Remodeling) [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1919 278 Clarendon (203 Beacon) (Remodeling) [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1919 191 Marlborough (Remodeling) [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1921 340 Beacon (Remodeling) [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1922 292 Beacon (Remodeling) [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1925 137 Marlborough [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1925 180 Marlborough (Remodeling) [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1926 129 Commonwealth (Remodeling) [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1926 150 Commonwealth (Remodeling) [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1926 192 Commonwealth [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1926 174 Marlborough (Remodeling) [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1927 172 Beacon [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1927 264 Beacon [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1927 9 Exeter (Remodeling) [Bigelow and Wadsworth]
1929 7 Commonwealth (Remodeling) [Bigelow, Wadsworth, Hubbard, and Smith]
1929 80 Commonwealth (Remodeling) [Bigelow, Wadsworth, Hubbard, and Smith]
1929 167 Marlborough (Remodeling) [Bigelow, Wadsworth, Hubbard, and Smith]
1929 169 Marlborough (Remodeling) [Bigelow, Wadsworth, Hubbard, and Smith]
1929 180 Marlborough (Remodeling) [Bigelow, Wadsworth, Hubbard, and Smith]
1930 276 Marlborough (16 Fairfield) [Bigelow, Wadsworth, Hubbard, and Smith]