Cabot, Everett, and Mead

Cabot, Everett, and Mead was formed in 1888, a partnership of Edward Clarke Cabot, Arthur Greene Everett, and Samuel W. Mead.  Successor to the firm of Cabot and Chandler, it was formed when Francis W. Chandler left to become head of the MIT School of Architecture and Everett and Mead (formerly members of the staff) were named partners.  Cabot retired the same year, but the firm remained Cabot, Everett, and Mead until his death in 1901, when it became Everett and Mead.

Walter Kilham (in Boston After Bulfinch) indicates that Cabot and Chandler and Cabot, Everett, and Mead built “numerous country houses in the rambling and picturesque style of the period.”  In addition, the latter firm’s work included the hospital of Johns Hopkins University (1889) in Baltimore and Arlington Public Library (1892).

Back Bay Work

1892 480 Beacon