Frank William Weston

Personal Data

Frank William Weston was born on July 13, 1843, in London, the son of William Weston and his wife, Elizabeth (LNU).

He married in 1873 in England to Elizabeth Wallen (b. 1850-1851 in Coventry, England; d. 21Dec1899 in Boston), daughter of John Wallen.

Frank Weston died on February 9, 1911, in Boston.


Frank Weston was educated in London and then apprenticed to James H. Rowley, an architect in London.  He emigrated to Boston in 1866.  He worked briefly in the offices of William R. Emerson and then, following the July 4, 1866, fire in Portland, Maine, worked in that city with W. H. Fassett.  In about 1868, he returned to Boston and worked for a year in the offices of Nathaniel J. Bradlee.

in 1869, he opened his own office and in 1870 he went into partnership with George Dutton Rand Weston and Rand continued until January of 1876, when both partners went into private practice (by 1877, Rand had joined with J. Foster Ober in the firm of Ober and Rand).

Among its work, Weston and Rand — with Rand as the lead architect — designed the Worcester State Hospital (1872).

Weston continued as a sole practitioner.  Among his work was the Town Hall in Essex, Massachusetts (1893-1894).

Weston was an avid bicyclist and was a founder of the Boston Bicycle Club in 1878.

Back Bay Work

1872 191 Commonwealth [Weston and Rand]
1873 270 Clarendon [Weston and Rand]