Jonathan Foster Ober

Personal Data

Jonathan Foster Ober was born on September 6, 1843, in Beverly Farms, the son of Samuel Ober and his wife, Hepzibah Foster

He married on October 11, 1876, in Chicopee, to Lucy E. (Hadley) Doten (b. 1850-1851 in South Hadley; 20Dec1889 in Newton), daughter of Moses Hadley and his wife, Adeline M. Wells.  Lucy (Hadley) Doten was widow of Edward M. Doten.

J. Foster Ober died on August 12, 1896, in Newton


J. Foster Ober was an architect in Boston from about 1865.  In about 1877, he joined with George D. Rand in the firm of Ober and Rand.  They remained partners until about 1881, after which Ober continued as a sole practitioner and Rand joined in partnership with Bertrand Eugene Taylor, who had been an architect in the Ober and Rand office.

Ober designed residential, public, and ecclesiastical buildings.  Among his works were Beverly High School at 4 Exeter Street (1875), the Parish of the Messiah Episcopal Church in Auburndale (designed in 1881 but apparently by Ober alone rather than Ober and Rand; destroyed by fire in 1943), and the Armory on West Newton in Boston (1887).

Ober and Rand designed the expansion of the Hotel Vendôme in 1881-1882.

Back Bay Work

1877 31 Fairfield [Ober and Rand]
1877 33 Fairfield [Ober and Rand]
1878 32 Fairfield [Ober and Rand]
1878 34 Fairfield [Ober and Rand]
1878 35 Fairfield [Ober and Rand]
1878 37 Fairfield [Ober and Rand]
1879 36 Fairfield [Ober and Rand]
1879 38 Fairfield [Ober and Rand]
1881 160 Commonwealth (Addition) [Ober and Rand]