Frederic H. Moore

Personal Data

Frederic H. Moore was born on February 11, 1826, in Ithaca, New York, the son of Henry H. Moore and his wife, Amanda French.

He married in 1850-1851 to Mary A. Granger (b. 10Feb1829 in Mason Village NH; d. 11Dec1915 in Boston), daughter of Charles Granger and his wife, Clarissa P. Bullard.

Frederic Moore died on March 31, 1908, in Boston.


Frederic H. Moore was an architect in Boston from the mid-1850s.

In about 1856, he joined in partnership with William Washburn in the firm of Washburn and Moore. The partnership soon ended and in 1858 he opened his own office at 50 School Street.

He continued to practice in Boston his death in 1908.

Back Bay Work

1872 3 Gloucester
1872 5 Gloucester
1872 7 Gloucester
1873 321 Marlborough
1873 323 Marlborough
1878 302 Marlborough
1878 304 Marlborough
1878 306 Marlborough
1878 308 Marlborough
1878 310 Marlborough