Samuel Francis Page

Personal Data

Samuel Francis Page was born on February 11, 1857, in Brookline, the son of Samuel Page and his wife, Frances Ann Plympton.

As of 1910, he was unmarried.

Samuel Page died on June 21, 1918, in Lincoln


Samuel F. Page was in partnership with Carl Fehmer from 1889 until 1908, when Fehmer retired.  Page then formed a new partnership with Brooks Frothingham, who had been an architect in the Fehmer and Page office.  Brooks Frothingham retired in 1912, and Samuel Page continued as a sole practitioner until about 1918.

Among Fehmer and Page’s works were the Bell Telephone Building on Milk Street (1880s; demolished in 1972); and the Worthington Building (1894), at 33 State Street, one of the first steel-framed office buildings in Boston; and the Hotel Beaconsfield (1903-1905) in Brookline.

Back Bay Work

1889 164 Beacon [Fehmer and Page]
1890 454 Beacon [Fehmer and Page]
1891 468 Beacon [Fehmer and Page]
1891 470 Beacon [Fehmer and Page]
1891 474 Beacon [Fehmer and Page]
1891 476 Beacon [Fehmer and Page]