Thomas Rogers Kimball

Personal Data

Thomas Rogers Kimball was born in 1862 in Linwood, Ohio.

He married in 1891 to Annie MacPhail.

Thomas Kimball died in 1934.


Thomas Kimball attended the University of Nebraska for two years and then moved to Boston, where he worked as a private tutor for two years.  He studied architecture at MIT in 1887, and then continued his studies at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris.  He returned to Boston, where he was employed by a publishing house.

In 1891, he joined the office of Charles Howard Walker and Herbert R. Best.  Best retired soon thereafter, and the firm became Walker and Kimball.  Walker remained in Boston and Kimball moved back to Omaha.  They remained partners until 1900.

In Omaha, the firm designed the Omaha Public Library (1892), St. Francis Cabrini Church (1893), and the Burlington Station.  In 1898, they served as architects-in-chief for the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition in Omaha.

After 1900, Kimball continued to practice in Omaha and in 1927 went into partnership with William Steele.

Back Bay Work

1891 492 Beacon (Demolished) [Walker and Kimball]
1894 280 Commonwealth [Walker and Kimball]
1895 526 Beacon [Walker and Kimball]