38 Fairfield (235 Newbury)

38 Fairfield (2013)

38 Fairfield (2013)

Lot 44.5' x 60' (2,670 sf)

Lot 44.5′ x 60′ (2,670 sf)

38 Fairfield (235 Newbury) is located on the NE corner of Fairfield and Newbury, with 36 Fairfield to the north, 240 Newbury to the south, across Newbury, 231 Newbury to the east, and 37 Fairfield (239 Newbury) to the west, across Fairfield.

38 Fairfield (235 Newbury) was designed by Ober and Rand, architects, and built ca. 1878 for banker and real estate investor Asa Perkins Potter, one of four contiguous houses (32-34-36-38 Fairfield).  The houses are designed in a symmetrical block, centered on the paired entrances to 34-36 Fairfield, with 32 and 38 Fairfield flanking them.

At about the same time, Asa Potter also had four contiguous houses built across the street (31-33-35-37 Fairfield).  He lived at 29 Fairfield, built ca. 1879.

32-38 Fairfield may have originally matched in design to 31-37 Fairfield, all with bays topped with conical roofs. If so, then additional stories were added very early at 36 and 38 Fairfield, inasmuch as they appear as three story houses on the 1887 Sanborn map, whereas 32 and 34 Fairfield (and 31-37 Fairfield) are described as two story houses with French roofs. They are similarly described on the 1897 Sanborn maps, with 32-34 Fairfield and 31-37 Fairfield shown as three stories, and 36-38 Fairfield shown as four stories (the term “French roof” was no longer used and an additional story was indicated instead). Based on similar notations on the Bromley maps, the additional story at 32 Fairfield was added between about 1908 and 1912. The additional story at 34 Fairfield was added sometime after the early 1940s.

32-38 Fairfield (ca. 1942), photograph by Bainbridge Bunting, courtesy of the Boston Athenaeum

By 1880, 38 Fairfield was the home of wholesale shoe and boot dealer Edward Maynz and his wife, Maria (Addison) Maynz.  They previously had lived at 12 Claremont Park.  Maria Maynz is shown as the owner of 38 Fairfield on the 1883, 1888, and 1895 Bromley maps.

They continued to live there during the 1894-1895 winter season, but moved thereafter to Brookline.

By the 1895-1896 winter season, 38 Fairfield was the home of paper manufacturer Ellis Hollingsworth and his wife, Elsie M. (Littlefield) Hollingsworth.  They had been married in October of 1895, and 38 Fairfield probably was their first home together.  He is shown as the owner on the 1898, 1908, and 1917 Bromley maps.  They also maintained the Hollingsworth family home in Braintree and a summer residence in Marblehead.

The Hollingsworths continued to live at 38 Fairfield until his death in March of 1917.

38 Fairfield was not listed in the 1918-1937 Blue Books.

38 Fairfield, 235 Newbury façade (2013)

38 Fairfield, 235 Newbury façade (2013)

By 1928, 38 Fairfield had been acquired by real estate broker and trustee Paul Mascarene Hamlen, along with 323436 Fairfield.  He converted them into lodging houses.

38 Fairfield was shown as vacant in the 1930-1932 City Directories.

By 1933, 38 Fairfield was the home of Michael M. Ouspensky, a statistician for an insurance company, and his wife, Nina (Aurora) (Lindblad) Komarova Ouspensky, and the location of their restaurant, Jar Ptiza.  They also operated a lodging house at 38 Fairfield. They previously had lived in Brookline.  They continued to live and operate their restaurant at 38 Fairfield until about 1939, when they moved to 74 Symphony Road.

38 Fairfield is shown as vacant in the 1940 City Directory.

By 1941, 38 Fairfield was the home of John Alfred Harrison, a court reporter, and his wife, Emma Dora (Cunningham) Harrison.  They operated it as a lodging house.  They previously had lived at 39 Huntington.  They continued to live at 38 Fairfield until about 1945, when they moved to 463 Beacon.

In 1946, 38 Fairfield was the home of Adah DeWitt (Sanford) McMurrough, the widow of John Lawrence McMurrough, who operated it as a lodging house.  She previously had lived in Norton, Massachusetts.  By 1947, she had moved to 405 Beacon.

38 Fairfield remained a lodging house, with various operators, probably also with at least one commercial tenant.

By 1973, 36 and 38 Fairfield were owned by Harry M. Angelus and his wife, Despina T. Angelus, and they had been combined into a single property.  The legal use of 36-38 Fairfield (235 Newbury) was as five retail stores, four offices, and eight apartments.

36-38 Fairfield (235 Newbury) remained a combination of stores, offices, and apartments in 2014.