Fehmer and Page

Fehmer and Page was formed in 1889, a partnership of Carl Fehmer and Samuel Francis Page. They remained in partnership until 1908, when Carl Fehmer retired.  Samuel Page formed a new partnership with Brooks Frothingham, who had been an architect in the Fehmer and Page office.

Among Fehmer and Page’s works were the Bell Telephone Building on Milk Street (1880s; demolished in 1972); and the Worthington Building (1894), at 33 State Street, one of the first steel-framed office buildings in Boston; and the Hotel Beaconsfield (1903-1905) in Brookline

Back Bay Work

1889 164 Beacon
1890 454 Beacon
1891 468 Beacon
1891 470 Beacon
1891 474 Beacon
1891 476 Beacon