George Wilton Lewis

Personal Data

George Wilton Lewis was born in March 11, 1847, in Fredonia, New York, son of George W. Lewis and his wife, Eliza Wheelock.

He married on May 12, 1874, in Essex, Vermont, to Mary (Mara) Almira Morse (b. 18Apr1852 in VT; d. 1922), daughter of Wilson Morse and his wife, Charlotte Eliza Tyler (daughter of Rodney Tyler).

G. Wilton Lewis died on September 25, 1928, in Malden.


G. Wilton Lewis graduated from MIT in 1873 and by 1875 had entered the offices of Charles K. Kirby.  In 1878, Charles Kirby moved to California.  He continued to maintain his Boston office, apparently taking Lewis as his partner in the firm of Kirby and Lewis, with Lewis managing the Boston office’s work.  Kirby remained in California, but Kirby and Lewis continued as a firm until about 1882.  Kirby then opened an architecture practice in San Francisco with his son, Charles, and Lewis opened his own Boston office.

In about 1890, Walter J. Paine joined Lewis’s office as an architect.  From about 1891 to 1893, they were partners in the firm of Lewis and Paine.  In addition to residential and commercial work, Lewis and Paine designed several ecclesiastical buildings, including the Baptist Church and parsonage at 629 Centre Street in Jamaica Plain (1892) and the Hancock Congregational Church in Lexington (1893).

By 1894, they no longer did business as a partnership, but continued to share offices until about 1898, when Paine opened his own office.

In 1899, Lewis was named Superintendent of Public Buildings in Malden.

Lewis continued to practice in Boston until about 1916, when he retired to Malden.  He probably continued to undertake some work in Malden, listing himself as an architect in the Malden directories through the mid-1920s.

Back Bay Work

1878 319 Commonwealth [Kirby and Lewis]
1879 321 Commonwealth [Kirby and Lewis]
1879 323 Commonwealth [Kirby and Lewis]
1880 284 Commonwealth [Kirby and Lewis]
1880 327 Commonwealth [Kirby and Lewis]
1880 337 Commonwealth [Kirby and Lewis]
1880 339 Commonwealth [Kirby and Lewis]
1880 341 Commonwealth [Kirby and Lewis]
1880 372 Marlborough [Kirby and Lewis]
1880 374 Marlborough [Kirby and Lewis]
1893 174 Commonwealth [Lewis and Paine]
1894 349 Commonwealth
1894 351 Commonwealth
1894 353 Commonwealth